Message from the Executive Director

The Japan Patients Academy is formed around patients and university students.

I often meet patients who act like patients that they are supposed to be. Theydo not want to cause problems to other people. They think “Let’s just stay in bed and be quiet because I’m sick.”

I believe that patients do not deserve to behave in such way.

I encounter many university students who are in the process of job hunting behave like job hunting students that they are supposed to be. They send as many resumes and cover letters as they can to companies. They think that they have to because we are in bad economy.

I believe that students doing job hunting should not feel that they have to behave like job hunting students.

When I was enrolled in university, I, myself, was deeply engaged with university events. I did not commit to any kind of community service. I spent my university years only committed to university related activities. I was a medical student so I looked for jobs at hospitals just like other medical students.

However, you become ill when least expected. I was diagnosed as a panicsyndrome. It was quite serious and it was impossible for me to work as a doctor.Thanks to my professor, I got a job at his medical consulting firm.

Meanwhile, my little sister passed away. I was her favorite brother and I loved her very much. It was shocking that I was useless to better her condition even though I had a degree in medicine. I was determined to become a person who makes a change in society. It was a month after I turned 25 when I, for the first time in my life, had an actual dream.

Since then, it was a challenge after another as I tried to deal with panicsyndrome. I audited some courses at business school. I met entrepreneurs and members of several predecessor organizations of the Japan Patients Academy. I am confident in the number of mistakes I have made and also in what I believe.

“We, the patients and the students, must believe in ourselves that we have the ability to make things better precisely because we are patients and students.”

A person like me who is still suffering from panic syndrome is fortunately the leader of this wonderful team and I can work with such great people. So…

Let’s start. Let’s start dreaming. Morning always comes after dark.

Yushi Fukata
Executive Director